Onlyfans for men: How to get started as a man?

OnlyfansOnlyfans, the most famous and most used subscription platform, offers creators to earn a lot of money. Many men are looking for an answer to this question: How to earn money on Onlyfans as a man? It is not difficult to earn money on Onlyfans, but it is true that men are underrepresented in this business.

In this article, we will briefly explain how you can make money on Onlyfans as a male. Before you start, keep in mind that Onlyfans is saturated with female content creators, most of whom are adult content creators. So competition will be tough, but it's not impossible. There are many examples on the platform; many male content creators are making a lot of money.

How to start on Onlyfans as a man?

When you ask: how to make money on Onlyfans as a man? Most of the time people think that you can only make money being a gay man on Onlyfans, but this is not true. There are many other categories where you can make money as a man, and we have discussed them at length.

First of all, you must create an account on Onlyfans and register as a creator content. Other things to do are listed below:

1. Select a niche

The first essential thing you need to do is to select your niche. Be specific and think carefully before making your choice. Do your homework and know what category you can create great content in. The more niche-oriented you are, the more you will be rewarded by your fans.

Here are some of the niches or categories to make money by targeting these categories.

  • Being a gay man. Many of the male creators on Onlyfans are gay men. You can do content creation in the same way as any Onlyfans creator.
  • Getting started in adult : There is a lifestyle called Hotwife Lifetsyle where a couple wants to involve a third person in their life. The husband wants to watch his wife have sex with another man (you). You can record it by asking for the couple's consent, and boom! You start selling your videos.
  • Other creative skills: Whether you play the violin or are good at modeling and have a lot of fans on Instagram or other platforms, Onlyfans could be a great platform to make a lot of money in different ways.
  • Sell your foot photos as a man: You can earn a full-time income selling your foot photos and making money. The demand is higher for women's feet, but you can still try.
  • Being a sports coach: Most of the men on the subscription platforms are sports coaches. They offer advice for a monthly subscription fee. Platforms like Onlyfans or MYM are perfect for monetizing your content around bodybuilding. You can also make a personalized program for a fan in exchange for a fee.
Tip: If you don't want to show your face, create your Onlyfans and other social network accounts with a nickname.

Don't forget to create social media accounts and engage your fans. The more followers you have, the more you can convert them into subscribers on Onlyfans, MYM, Fansly

For example, Killiantraining offers its advice as a sports coach on MYM. You can also get started on Mym.

Alternative to Onlyfans as a man

Fanvue is a good alternative to Onlyfans, where you can create content and earn money through all possible means, like selling subscriptions, selling PPVs etc. Fanvue offers fast payment options and also gives you the advantage of easy verification. Fanvue takes 15% commission for the first 12 months.

Tip: As a man, you don't have as much competition on Onlyfans as the women, so take advantage of this opportunity to get started now.

Different ways to earn money as a man on Onlyfans

You are here to learn different ways to earn money on Onlyfans as a man, and there are some useful tips given below that can help you earn money on Onlyfans.

Follow other male content creators

Following other Onlyfans creators can help you find content ideas or select a niche. Following another male content creator will also motivate you to get started every time you log into your Onlyfans.

The easiest way to learn content creation is to follow a content creator. If you are a fitness coach, you should follow a celebrity fitness coach on Onlyfans and learn the tactics and process that the content creator uses to make money.

If you're an adult content creator and don't know how they engage with their fans, follow a famous male adult content creator. This way, you'll learn about content creation and methods of engaging with fans.

Johnny Sins is on Onlyfans

Create two Onlyfans accounts

Are you looking for a free promotion tip? Then we give you a tip that can help you promote your Onlyfans account for FREE.

Create two accounts as a content creator on Onlyfans. Create a free account and a second one for paid subscriptions.

You can attracting the public from a free account to a paid account by publishing teaser or promotional videos on the free version. Try to create suspense among your fans with promotional videos and entice them to buy your subscription or paid account.

Never ignore direct messages

You may not know that the majority of Onlyfans' creators earn money by receiving direct requests from their fans. People can request personalized videos or photos and pay handsome sums of money like 100 to 400 $ depending on your popularity.

Looking for a less strenuous way to make money on Onlyfans as a man? Talking with many content creators on Onlyfans, they told us that they earn a third of their income on Onlyfans thanks to direct messages.

Create a vlog on YouTube

You can use different social networks but YouTube, Reddit, Instagram and Twitter would help you get more followers or fans on your Onlyfans. As a male Onlyfans, it won't be easy for you, nor is it easy for a female or other Onlyfans creators to make money but remember that the majority of people who subscribe to creators are heterosexual males and the majority of users are female Onlyfans creators.

YouTube can be the best method to increase your popularity and the number of your fans because it is considered one of the most important search engines. You can take advantage of it. In your video that you are going to upload on YouTube, give a glimpse of your daily life and your content niche.

Join Onlyfans' community groups and forums

Connecting with other content creators will help you grow your page and learn more about the content industry.

There are many forums and groups to support Onlyfans content creators. You can promote your Onlyfans page in these groups and forums.

Post bonus photos on Reddit

Reddit is one of the best platforms for adult content creators to promote or market their Onlyfans page. I talked about it in detail here: How to promote your Onlyfans?

Reddit has become the most used platform for content marketing, and you can use it to your advantage as a man.

You can post exclusive photos and videos on Reddit and let fans know about the content you create. You can also post adult photos on Reddit, which can help you attract new fans and get them paid on Onlyfans.

Performing with other models

This is one of the best Onlyfans marketing strategies you can use. If you are a little more social and open to sex with other Onlyfans creators (male or female), you can tap into their user base and get more fans on your account. This is the best strategy to get subscribers that stay for a long time, but you need to provide consistent content by visiting other Onlyfans creators and having fun with them.

Let's say you are an adult content creator and you are struggling to make money on Onlyfans. You can record sex videos and take exclusive photos with a famous model and make money from it. You can earn a lot of money using this method.

Tip: Inconsistent content creators never get success on any platform, and you should post content regularly on Onlyfans.


To conclude, here's a recap of how to get started as a man on Onlyfans. Determine your niche. The niche is a category of content you want to produce. Join Onlyfans and start populating your page with content. Use platforms like Reddit, YouTube, Twitter and other marketing channels to promote your Onlyfans page. Be regular on the platform and you will end up getting more success on the platform.

It can be difficult to make money on Onlyfans as a man, but it's not impossible. Keep in mind that gay content is in high demand on Onlyfans and fairly untapped. It's time to get started.


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