Increase your Onlyfans subscribers: Our top 13 tips

If you ask me, what is the biggest problem with Onlyfans? It's getting discovered. Getting known as a creator is very complicated, that's why we made this article about the best tips to promote your Onlyfans.

It is difficult to reach your target audience because Onlyfans expects you to find the fans yourself and introduce them to your profile. If you are in a situation where you need to find a way to grow your Onlyfans page and get more fans or subscribers, this is the guide you are looking for.

In the first instance it will be necessary to register on Onlyfansif you haven't already done so.

Here are the best platforms to promote your onlyfans and get new subscribers:

  • Share content on fikfap (adult equivalent of TikTok)
  • Share photos/gifs on Reddit NSFW
  • Create a Twitter account and reply to the most popular posts
  • Make an Instagram account with follow-unfollow
  • Put teaser content on TikTok
  • Share your tips on YouTube if you're not an adult
  • Use the Fanvue Discovery option

We detail the techniques below, along with other tips for increasing your onlyfans subscribers.

Don't forget to create exciting and quality content so that your users or fans already subscribed don't leave your page.

1. Share content on FikFap

TikTok has become a must-have in the world of social networking, and we'll explain below how you can use it to promote your onlyfans. But there's a similar system for porn videos: FikFap. It's the adult equivalent of TikTok.

You can register now and share your hots videos. The site has over 10 million monthly visitors, and you can link your onlyfans to each video. Interested users will visit your onlyfans and subscribe for the more adventurous.

2. Promote your Onlyfans page on Reddit

Reddit is ranked №1, in my opinion, for an adult Onlyfans creator. You can find the right audience for your page if you harness the power of subreddits. NSFW subreddits are a great way to gain subscribers. This is where you can find your target audience. Unfortunately, Reddit is a bit of an outlier for some creators because they don't understand how this network works.

Reddit brings together thousands of links and contents and millions of visitors. Anyone can post content, as long as it corresponds to the right section (subreddit) and is validated by the moderators. So lots of traffic means potentially lots of new fans.

On Reddit, you need to be credible to post; there are two ways to appear credible to the mods (the people who control a subreddit), the first is to get more karmas and the second is to let your account age. Alternatively, you can have your account checked by the mods.

How do I get verified? The verification process for subreddits is simple. You have to hold a banner with the subreddit name and your Reddit username, and boom! You are verified and can post on that subreddit without being banned or having your posts deleted.

Here are some NSFW subreddits you can post on:

You have a more complete list here on this subreddit.

Feel free to post gifs and pictures regularly and leave your onlyfans in description for the most curious.

3. Expand your Onlyfans page on Instagram

After Reddit, I think Instagram is the most useful social network to get more fans on your Onlyfans page. By using the right hashtags, you can reach more people.

Instagram is also very particular about adult or sexual content, so read their terms and conditions before submitting content. Be careful as a creator and be very careful not to show sexual content on your page. It is not uncommon to see models being banned from the platform, even with several million followers for a photo too naked.

Instagram has over a billion users. All you need to do is create regular, good-quality content and use hashtags. You'll also need to be active, posting stories and replying to comments. Don't give away too much content on Instagram to entice them to sign up to your Onlyfans.

You can follow Onlyfans' Instagram account to discover the models of the platform. Feel free to copy other users' strategies.

4. Use the power of Twitter to get more fans on your Onlyfans page

Twitter is again the top 3 platforms I would use to promote my Onlyfans page. Twitter is a powerful platform, and I would recommend it to anyone who is starting out on Onlyfans as a beginner. You can reach over a million people a month if you regularly post your photos or videos daily. I know many creators who reach the top 5 % just because they have a lot of followers on Twitter.

Twitter attracts a lot of high-paying users, people who are willing to spend a lot of money on your Onlyfans. So it's a good idea to invest in this platform. You can use hashtags for better reach, but it's best to have a loyal following or post regularly.

But why not use hashtags? I wouldn't recommend using hashtags (or links) because when people search for something on Twitter, Twitter's algorithm analyzes all the words mentioned in your tweet and presents the most relevant and recent Tweets.

You can however be very active on the platform by replying to popular tweets. If you are present under all the tweets of the moment, intrigued people will visit your profile.

5. Use Fanvue's discovery function

As I recommended in the guide to selling your photosBe present on several subscription sites. Fanvue is a platform that introduces new features every week and creates a safe space for adult content creators.

Fanvue recently introduced a new feature called "Fanvue Discover," which allows adult content creators to be discovered by their fans. You must upload some of your free content to Fanvue in order to be discovered and convert that audience into fans.

You can read our full review of Fanvue to learn more.

Each platform puts forward creators, under certain conditions. Feel free to read the rules to find out how to be featured.

6. Use the power of Quora to win subscribers

The use of Quora as a marketing tool is really underrated. It's a site where people ask questions. You can then answer as an expert on the topic. There are obviously questions around sex and adult content.

Quora is a giant with 300 million users, and adult content creators can get good audiences if they opt for a Quora space and republish the exact content they post on other platforms. Quora's algorithm will promote your content if you get good engagement.

7. Use your writing to develop your Onlyfans page

Medium is also a great way to publish content and be featured on the platform. For example, I've seen erotic writers on Medium launch their Onlyfan page, and they earn a considerable income from their readership.

Writing is powerful, and if you use the right platform like Medium, Substack, Quora, a personal blog, or a personal Instagram where you can write about things your audience might be interested in, you can increase your chances of being discovered.

In France, you can share your stories on or

8. Use Pornhub to your advantage

I saw a couple who were making Pornhub videos and also had a lot of success on Onlyfans. They were a couple of swingers who invited other couples to make videos with them, they uploaded part of the video to Pornhub, and for the rest of the video, you had to subscribe to their Onlyfans page.

This is a great strategy used by many Pornhub creators to get more followers, and then keep them longer.

Pornhub generates more than 2.3 billion hits every month. It's up to you to get some of that traffic with videos. You can then put an intro at the beginning of your video to promote your Onlyfans.

9. Use adult webcam sites to promote your page

The Internet is evolving fast, but it's nothing compared to the porn industry. There are hundreds of different ways to consume adult content and one of the most popular at the moment is cam sites.

You can film yourself live right now on adult cam sites and become a camgirl. Once your audience is acquired on a site like Livejasmin or Chaturbate, you just have to bring them back to your Onlyfans page to earn more money.

10. Collaborate with other Onlyfans designers

This is probably the most effective. You invite another Onlyfans creator, to make photos or videos. Then the photos are published on both accounts with a link to your collaborator.

When collaborating with Onlyfans creators, you must have a model release form that shows that the user consents to being recorded and shown in the video.

Collaboration is a great tool that online content creators have been using for years. It allows you to bring two communities together to make them grow. Don't be afraid to collaborate with other models, even if they are smaller than you.

You can make a collaboration request in the comments of this article.

11. Use YouTube as a marketing tool for your Onlyfans page

Videos are the future of the Internet. More and more people will love to enjoy videos and will have plenty of bandwidth to use the Internet freely without thinking about their data limits.

One of the creators I mentored on promotion uses YouTube as a sex educator. She was great and ran a great YouTube channel, and through that channel she was getting more YouTube fans. She was in the top % of Onlyfans creators and earned over €6,000 a month.

You can give sex tips, but if you are in another niche, that's even better. For example, if you are a cook who shares his recipes on Onlyfans, you can make videos on youtube.

12. Join Onlyfans alternatives where you'll be discovered easily

There are many alternatives to Onlyfans that you can join, and find those that allow you to be discovered by their audience. Building an audience on a platform is the same as building a loyal base.

You have a list of alternatives to Onlyfans about this guide.

13. Use TikTok to get more subscribers on your Onlyfans page

TikTok is another great platform you can use to grow your audience on Onlyfans. You cannot upload sexually explicit content to TikTokBut if you upload adult content, you can quickly get more viewers and more fans on your Onlyfans page.

Nothing prevents you from making suggestive content. It's all about the virality of the content, if you start to explode on tik tok, you will quickly see your Onlyfans subscribers increase.

We have a guide for you on our blog on how to use TikTok to grow your Onlyfans page.

Win more subscribers on Onlyfans in video

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I promote the Onlyfans page for free?

Yes, you can promote your Onlyfans page for free. All the methods I've discussed in this article can be used for free to promote your Onlyfans page. The techniques shared here cost 0$ and can earn you several hundred or thousand dollars per month.

Can you promote your Onlyfans page anonymously?

Yes. Onlyfans allows you to use a nickname instead of your real name to create a page. You can maintain consistency by using the same username on all platforms.


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