Onlyfans: Tips and guides before you get started

Onlyfans is the most popular premium social network in the world. It allows you to follow your favorite celebrity for a few dollars a month and access exclusive content. Onlyfans is a great way to bridge the gap between fans and celebrities, to chat or request photos and videos.

But is Onlyfans worth it as a model? You'll find out in this article.

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💰 Commission 20%
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⌛ Payment 2x per week, in 24h, by bank transfer, 20$ mini
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What is Onlyfans?

This platform created by Timothy Stokely is based in London. Thus, it is specially designed for influencers or supermodels who use it to make exclusive publications, accessible only by subscription. With Onlyfans, you can make an additional income or even a big salary if you have a lot of fans.

Using this social network can make you earn a lot of money very easily without having a large number of subscribers. With only one subscriber you can already have a few euros every month.

Generally, you must have at least 100,000 subscribers on other social networks (instagram, tiktok, twitter...) before expecting considerable earnings. Thus, Onlyfans is a rather interesting business model where the visitor pays you to access your content.

How to make money with Onlyfans?

There are several ways to make huge income with this platform.


Subscription is an excellent method that can allow you to earn a lot of money on Onlyfans. Indeed, all users on this network must first subscribe to the page of the influencer before being able to access his content.

However, it should be noted that most of the time, subscriptions are not free. Therefore, the visitor must pay between 4,99 and 49,99 euros to see the contents of a creator.

However, as an influencer, you need to set the subscription price as low as possible in order to find a good customer base. Nevertheless, it will depend on the service you offer on your page. For example, the subscription can cost around 49 euros if you give advanced training in a given field. This is a price that can be quite reasonable depending on the value of the content offered.

However, it is possible to offer a free subscription to visitors in order to build loyalty before moving on to a paid subscription.


The PayPerViews is one of the best ways to make real money with Onlyfans. It is one of the options you can consider when you decide not to adopt the paid subscription system.

This method consists in sharing with your subscribers content such as PDF files, videos, photos and digital documents. It can also be a piano lesson or a recipe. You will just have to set a given amount for each content.

Thus, the subscriber must pay the indicated price before accessing it. However, the minimum fee to be set is 3 euros. At most, it is possible to make your content available for a fee of 50 euros.

On the other hand, it is good to specify that each subscriber has the choice between buying or not the files you publish on your page. This can help you to have a substantial income thanks to Onlyfans, but much less stable than the classic subscription.

Media or private messages

The use of media or private messages is an excellent trick to earn money with Onlyfans. Indeed, it is a method that is based on the same principle as PayPerViews. The only difference is that these are subscribers who demand a given content in exchange for income to you by right.

For example, you may be asked to create a website if you are a web developer. The visitor can order you one or several posters if you are a designer. You can also offer a signed naughty photo for a few euros. When you are a dietician, you may have to establish a slimming program. The activity that you are entrusted with usually depends on your specialty or the services you offer on your page.

However, you can choose whether or not to accept the visitor's request. However, the amount of the service can be negotiated between beneficiary and provider. Now, you should know that you can't exceed the sum of 100 euros in your rate negotiation. This is a very profitable trick that you can try.

Live streaming

Live streaming is a great way to make money with Onlyfans. Indeed, the Go Live button on this site allows you to stream on the network. You can even make live chats with other Onlyfans users. This is a very interesting feature that allows you to get in touch with all your subscribers directly. It also allows you to show your face to the world.

Moreover, it is a practice that many subscribers or internet users like on social networks. Perfect to make your yoga class live and offer exclusive coaching in private.

You can charge a subscription fee so that visitors can see you live. The minimum fee to be set is 3 euros and the maximum 50 euros. This is the same price when it is a visit to the contents through a paid subscription. However, you can do live streaming under the request of a customer. This is similar to PayPerViews. So, this trick can earn you a negotiable amount of money with your customers.

Tips or gratuities

To earn money with Onlyfans, tips are a good trick. Indeed, you can be congratulated by Internet users for the contents that you publish on your account. Here we are talking about the tip paid by a fan.

It is a simple gesture to encourage you in your work. The amount given can be a minimum of 3 euros and a maximum of 100 euros if you have just started using Onlyfans. On the other hand, you can have more than 200 euros when you are an old user whose account is at least 4 months old.

How to receive your Onlyfans earnings?

Onlyfans is a platform that allows you to earn money in many different ways. However, you should know that there is a procedure to follow before taking possession of your earnings.

Approve your account

To withdraw your earnings, it is important to approve your account. Thus, it is necessary to start by clicking on the button Add bank at the top of the home page in the right corner.

Then you will just have to specify your country of residence and confirm that you are 18 years old. Once this is done, you press the Next button. On the next page, you will have to give your personal information. These are your last name, first name, postal code, address, city and date of birth.

Then you have to verify the data entered. This is done by downloading a identity card such as an ID card, passport or driver's license. You take a picture of one of these documents and then upload it. Then, you will have to take a photo with the same piece while holding it in the hand and close to your face. However, one important thing to remember is to make sure that your photos are less than 7MB in size.

You will now have settings to make about whether or not to add an expiration date to your ID. When you intend to share adult content on your page, you check the Explicit content.

When it's done, you'll just press Send for approval to complete the verification process for your account. As such, you must wait at least 48 hours for your account to be approved.

Define a specific payment method

When your account is approved, you can now set up a payment method to receive your money.

To do so, you must press the button Add bank. This gives you access to the Direct Transfer. Under this option, you will have the choice between different payment methods such as International Bank Transfer and Direct Transfer.

You choose what suits you best. Indeed, it is best to choose the International Bank Transfer. Once it is done, you will just have to press the button Save payment details.

Finally, you just have to choose a monthly subscription price. This way, you will automatically get paid when a visitor buys your content. When the fees come into your bank account, you can then withdraw without any problem.

Why choose Onlyfans ?

Onlyfans is a revolutionary platform that has clearly popularized the subscription system for fans. It allows you to quickly monetize your content. This is possible thanks to the paid subscription system through which you can sell products or services to your subscribers.

However, Onlyfans is not a miracle solution to get rich. It is a platform that you need to seriously work on before you can really make money. You would have to start by building a large community that can truly recognize the value of everything you sell on your page. But we explain it all on this article.

When people like what you do, you can now start selling your content and be successful. On the other hand, it must be said that many choose Onlyfans for the creating a more intimate relationship with their fans. Indeed, the discussions on this network are more personalized. This makes it possible to put the subscribers in confidence and to make a more valorizing publicity.

When you talk directly with your fan on this platform, he will feel very privileged. Thus, he will be more motivated to put his hand in the wallet several times.

There are several alternatives to Onlyfansbut be aware that the platform remains number 1 in the market and brings more than 280 million visitors every month.



❓ How much can you earn in a month with Onlyfans?

It all depends on your upstream fan base on social networks (twitter, instagram, tiktok). On average, a model with 50,000 instagram followers earns between 4500€ and 22,500€ per month.

❓ Can you make a purchase on Onlyfans without having a bank account?

You must have a credit card to make a purchase on Onlyfans.

❓ How to withdraw your money from Onlyfans?

To withdraw your money from Onlyfans, you can use a bank transfer, Paxum wallet, Skrill or Cosmo Payment.

Onlyfans Opinion in video


Onlyfans is a social network that allows you to share messages with your followers in order to sell content. You can publish videos, images, audios, PDFs and make live performances. Thus, it is a platform that is very useful to bridge the gap between your fans and you for a few euros.

It is a very successful network and some influencers earn more than a million euros a month ! The platform has millions of users around the world and is waiting for you. Do not hesitate to take a look at our guides to get started on Onlyfans.


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