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Me You More is a brand new social network that went live in 2019 and is specifically dedicated to creators. If you take a look around, you'll find artists, influencers and other public figures.

MYM integrates many creators' profiles for which it grants remunerations according to the published contents. You are a fan and you want to subscribe on MYM and follow your favorite creator?

You can then use the MYM promo code in order to get discounts. Here is everything you need to know about the MYM promo code!

👋 Register
💰 Commission 10% to 25%
🌍 Languages French, English, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian
📙 Benefits Paypal, Live, Low Commissions
⌛ Payment 2x per week, in 24h, by bank transfer, 50€ mini
⭐ Note 5/5



💸 MYM Promo Code Presentation for Fans

The MYM Promo Code is divided into two categories at present. Here, we are only interested in the MYM Promo Code for Fans that allows you to get discounts on subscription at the social network.

Thus, the fan who has just signed up, can save a lot of money and follow regularly the activities of his favorite influencers or artists on MYM. Thanks to the discount associated with the promo code, the fan can have full access to the content of the feed of his models. They can:

  • browse the latest video or photo publications;
  • discover the offers proposed by the model itself;
  • exchange and share with the concerned designer, among others.

The fan can also be rewarded by the creator they follow thanks to their loyalty and regular interactions. This allows each influencer, artist or other personality to better promote their profile and optimize their income on MYM.

💸 How to find the MYM promo code for fans?

In the context of a MYM promo code for fans, you have to go through the same mechanisms to find the right coupon. Usually, you have to go to the internet and especially to a platform that specializes in promo code offers. The MYM social network does not directly offer promo codes on its own pages.

Instead, it collaborates with several such sites that feature its discount coupons. You can easily find a specialized platform by doing a search via Google. Once you find the right link, you will hardly need to register with the specialized site.

Simply go to the platform concerned and browse the list of promo codes offered or use the search bar at the top of the homepage. You can also find a MYM promo code via the MYM referral system through a relative, friend or Internet user, etc.

Once you have found the MYM coupon code, you need to read the included details carefully to know the terms of use as well as the validity period. From there, you are ready to use the MYM coupon code and enjoy the associated benefits.

💸 How to activate the MYM Promo Code for fans?

To activate the MYM Promo Code, the fan must be regularly registered on the web platform. During this account creation step, the social network always submits a form with a number of personal and banking information fields to fill in.

Once this procedure is completed, you will have a personal space to carry out all your activities on MYM. In this user account, you will find a "Discount Voucher" menu.

After finding it, click on it and you will see a new window asking you to insert the numbers of the MYM promo code you have. Next to it, there is an "Apply" button that allows you to validate the coupon references entered. Immediately, the percentage discount (between 1 and 100% or 1 to 500 €) will be applied to your subscription or a photo or video content publication.

Depending on the type of MYM promo code obtained from a specialized platform, the discounts offered can be higher or lower.


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