Amouranth : Leaks, Age & Biography

Amouranth is a public figure known for her streaming activities, cosplays and sensual content on social networks.

In this biography, we will explore his professional background, personal interests, and any controversies or data leaks that may have marked his career.

General Info :

Date of birth December 14, 1993
Place of birth Houston, Texas, USA
Profession Streamer, cosplayer, model
Professional experience Amouranth began her modeling and cosplaying career in 2010. She became a live streamer on Twitch in 2016 and became famous for her video game broadcasts, cosplay and interactions with viewers. She has also made appearances in independent films and has been featured in several online publications.
Interests Cosplay, video games, travel, fitness
Social networks Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, OnlyFans, Free OF, Fansly, Twitch, Tiktok

Biography of Amouranth

Amouranth is an American public figure and content creator, known for her streaming activities, cosplays and sensual content on social networks.

She was born on December 2, 1993 in Houston, Texas. Her real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, but she is better known by her pseudonym, Amouranth.

Amouranth : Who is she?

Amouranth began her cosplaying career in 2010 and quickly made a name for herself in the industry. She then moved to live streaming on Twitch in 2016, where she specialized in video games, content creation and live chats with her fans.

She is also active on social media, where she shares photos and videos of her cosplays, fitness sessions and travels.

Amouranth : The content available on its OnlyFans

On her OnlyFans account, Amouranth posts exclusive content, including sultry photos and videos of her cosplay, as well as photos of a more personal nature. Subscribers can also interact with her privately via message.

Sensual photos and videos

Amouranth regularly posts sensual photos and videos of her cosplays on her OnlyFans. She uses suggestive outfits for her cosplays, highlighting her assets.

Fans can also access videos of her fitness sessions, as well as intimate videos.

One interaction per message

Amouranth's subscribers can interact with her privately via message on OnlyFans. She regularly replies to her fans' messages, which creates a more personal and intimate relationship between her and her subscribers.

Amouranth : How much does his OnlyFans cost

Amouranth's monthly subscription price for OnlyFans is 20.99 $ US per month. It also offers deals for 3 or 6 month subscriptions with additional discounts.

Duration of the subscription Price
1 month 20.99 $ US
3 months 56.37 $ US
6 months 104.94 $ US

Amouranth : Potential leaks ?

Amouranth was the victim of leaks of her intimate photos in 2021. Although she claimed that the photos were taken without her consent, she received criticism from some members of the online community who accused her of taking advantage of the situation for publicity.

Amouranth : What the public thinks of her

Amouranth is a public figure who has generated a lot of public reaction.

Some see her as a talented cosplayer and skilled game streamer, while others criticize her for what is considered sexually suggestive content and controversial marketing techniques.

It has been involved in several controversies, including using clickbait tactics to attract viewers to its streams, accusations of manipulating Twitch ratings, and taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to increase its fan base.

Amouranth has also been the victim of leaks in the past, where photos of her were leaked on the Internet without her consent. This led to backlash from some members of the public, who criticized her for taking the photos in the first place. However, the majority of Amouranth's fans expressed their support and stressed that no one deserves to be a victim of privacy violations.

Despite the controversies, Amouranth continues to have a large and loyal fan base that enjoys her content. She is also regularly invited to streaming and cosplay events around the world, attesting to her influence in these communities.

In 2022, Amouranth was at the center of a major scandal when she publicly revealed on her Twitch channel that she was married and that her husband was threatening and manipulating her to preserve her brand. The revelations sparked numerous reactions on social networks, where fans and industry personalities expressed their support for the streamer.

Shortly after, Amouranth announced that she was in the process of separating from her husband and took over the management of her social media accounts.

The situation has sparked strong reactions in the streaming community, where some have criticized social media's involvement in people's personal relationships, while others have praised Amouranth's bravery for speaking out publicly about a difficult situation.

How to subscribe to your OnlyFans

To subscribe to the account OnlyFans of LoveanthJust follow these simple steps:

  1. Create an OnlyFans account if you don't already have one.
  2. Search for the username of Amouranth on the platform.
  3. Click on the "Subscribe" button on his profile.
  4. Choose the subscription that suits you best and proceed with the payment.
  5. Enjoy the exclusive content she posts on her account.

Amouranth : Our conclusion

Amouranth is a personality that does not leave indifferent. She is appreciated by her fans for her cosplaying and game streaming skills, as well as for her sensual content on social networks. However, she is also criticized for some of her actions and controversial behavior.

Despite this, she remains an influential figure in the streaming and cosplay communities and continues to be noticed by fans and detractors alike.

If you are interested in his content, you should know that you can easily subscribe to his OnlyFans account by following the steps described above. In conclusion, Amouranth is a complex personality, but his influence in the cosplay and streaming world cannot be ignored.


❓ What is the real name of'Amouranth?

Amouranth's real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa.

❓ How did Amouranth start her career in streaming?

Amouranth began its streaming career on Twitch in 2016, primarily streaming video games.

❓ Is Amouranth married?

According to an announcement made live on her Twitch channel on October 15, 2022, Amouranth is married. However, she also revealed that her husband was threatening and manipulating her, and that he did not want their marital status to be made public for branding reasons. Following these revelations, many Internet users have shown their support to the streamer. A few days later, Amouranth said she was in the process of separating from her husband and took over the management of his social media accounts.

❓ What is the main source of revenue for'Amouranth?

Amouranth's main source of income comes from her streaming career, but she also earns money from collaborations, merchandising sales and her OnlyFans account.

❓ Did'Amouranth get banned from Twitch yet?

Indeed, Amouranth has been banned several times on Twitch for not respecting the rules of the platform, notably by publishing contents considered suggestive.

Amouranth : Leaks

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