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General Info :

Date of birth January 14, 2003
Place of birth Lille, France
Profession Influencer, model and TV host
Professional experience Lajuliepop began her career as a model before becoming a television personality in France. She has also become a popular influencer on social media, working with many fashion and beauty brands. She has also launched a business on the platforms OnlyFans and MYM to share more exclusive content with her fans.
Interests Lajuliepop is passionate about fashion, beauty and travel.
Social networks Instagram: @lajuliepop (384k subscribers)
TikTok: @lajuliepop (1.2 million subscribers)
Twitter: @LaJuliePop (3k subscribers)
OnlyFans: juliediablotine
MYM: Diablotineju
Linktree: @Lajuliepop

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Biography of Lajuliepop

Youth and privacy

Lajuliepop, whose real name is Julie, was born on January 14th 2003. She grew up in Lille and has always been passionate about the entertainment world.

In 2017, she began a relationship with the famous YouTuber TheKairi78. The couple shares their private and professional life together on social networks. However, in 2019, their relationship broke up and this created a big controversy on the Internet.


After the split with TheKairi78, Lajuliepop decided to enter the fashion industry and quickly became a popular influencer on Instagram. However, she also chose to sign up on the platforms MYM and OnlyFans, where she offers more explicit content to her followers.

Despite the controversy, she continues to develop her career as an influencer and model while managing her MYM and OnlyFans page. She also works with fashion and beauty brands for collaborations and partnerships.

Personal life

Since her split with TheKairi78, Lajuliepop has managed to build her own career and has continued to grow as an influencer and model. She has also remained very active on social media, interacting regularly with her followers.

She remains discreet about her current love life and focuses instead on her career and future projects.


Lajuliepop is a popular social media influencer and model, known for her past involvement in the personal life of YouTuber TheKairi78. Despite the controversy, she has managed to continue her career as an influencer and has added the platform MYM and OnlyFans to her portfolio. She remains an important figure in the fashion industry and continues to work with renowned brands.

Leaks Lajuliepop

You can find all his private photos on the MYM from Diablotineju.

Juliepop light pink outfit
Juliepop in her underwear in bed
Juliepop pyjama christmas


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