Ruby Nikara: Leaks, Age & Biography

General Info :

Date of birth November 26, 1997
Place of birth Paris, France
Profession Model and influencer
Professional experience Ruby Nikara started her career as a photo model working with photographers and fashion brands in Paris. She then turned to creating content on the platforms OnlyFans and MYM to share lifestyle and glamorous photos and videos.
Interests Ruby Nikara's interests include fashion, travel and fitness.
Social networks Telegram: RUBY NIKARA (20,700 subscribers)
YouTube: rubynikara
OnlyFans: rubynikara
TikTok : (banned)
MYM: Rubynikara

Note: The numbers in parentheses represent the number of followers on each social network at the time of writing this response. These numbers may change over time.

Biography of Ruby Nikara

Ruby Nikara is a personality known for her buzz on social networks, her music and her appearances on MYM and OnlyFans. She was born on February 24, 2001 in Paris, and is of Italian-Moroccan origin.

Ruby Nikara's debut

From the very beginning, Ruby Nikara has been interested in the world of showbiz. She started rapping with a mix of hip-hop and rap in 2019, and shared her music on YouTube. Her music video "One Millimeter" attracted attention, despite the negative reviews. In the clip, Ruby Nikara takes a stroll in a two-piece swimsuit on the Champs-Élysées, wiggling her buttocks in front of the camera and claiming a form of female freedom. She explains that she had to borrow money from her friends to record the sound in the studio and pay the cameramen. Following this clip, she continues to perform in laundromats and to post videos on TikTok.

The controversial personality of Ruby Nikara

Ruby Nikara is best known for her buzz on social networks. She openly clashes with celebrities and shocks them with her outfits that are considered too risqué. She is convinced that it is her personality that makes the difference. She has often been criticized for her words and actions. However, she explains that this is part of her public persona and that her real personality is different from the one she presents on social networks.

Ruby Nikara's private life

Little is known about Ruby Nikara's private life. She is currently single and has no children. However, she has spoken about her father in several interviews, explaining that he is a bodyguard and that he is the one who encouraged her to start in showbiz.

The sale of the water of his bath and his passage in TPMP

When Ruby Nikara decided to sell her bath water and used underwear, it caused a big stir on social networks. This idea attracted the attention of Cyril Hanouna, who invited her to come on the set of TPMP. The young woman explained that this idea was originally a joke. She decided to sell her bath water because she liked to take midnight baths and she did not know what to sell on the internet. She announced the sale of her elixir to her subscribers for €1,500 a bottle. This story made the front page of celebrity magazines and further strengthened the reputation of Ruby Nikara. This idea of selling her bath water is probably inspired by the famous influencer Belle Delphine, who had also sold her bath water to her fans.

Leaks Ruby Nikara

You can find all his private photos on the MYM by Ruby Nikara.

Ruby Niakra seen from behind in underwear
Ruby Nikara in underwear
Ruby Nikara undresses on the set of TPMP
Ruby Nikara pink underwear


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