Selling photos of your feet: How do I get started?

In a world where the Internet offers a multitude of ways to make money, sell photos of her feet has become an increasingly common practice.

Whether you're looking to supplement your income or simply explore this trend, this article is for you. We'll take you through the various steps and tricks involved in selling your feet on the web.

Understanding the online footwear market

Before you start selling photos of feet, it's essential to understand this fast-growing market. Feet are considered a very attractive body part for some peopleAnd there are sites and forums dedicated to foot enthusiasts. What's more, some people are looking for photos of feet for artistic or professional reasons.

So, by offering quality shots, you can meet strong demand, especially if you're comfortable with different postures and accessories to show off your feet.

It's important to have a community before you start selling feet. If you don't have a potential buyer, it will be very difficult to get people to visit Onlyfans/MYM.

Find the ideal platform to sell your feet

Once you've realized the potential of this market, it's time to choose the right platform to sell your shots. There are several options:

  • Paid social networks : You can register on Onlyfans, MYM or even Fansly. Our site is dedicated to this type of platform, with tips for success.
  • Social networks : You can create an account dedicated to selling your foot photos on platforms such as Instagram or Twitter, and thus reach your target audience directly.
  • Ad sites : Classified ad platforms such as Leboncoin or Craigslist can help you reach a wider audience.
  • Specialist websites : Some platforms are specially designed for selling foot photos, making it much easier for you to do business with your potential customers. Examples include Feetfinder.

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to weigh up the pros and cons according to your expectations and objectives.

Create a seller's account on a specialized platform

If you opt for the latter, here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Register on Feetfinder by providing the necessary information (username, password, email address, etc.).
  2. Fill in your profile carefully, to encourage buyers to take a look at your offers. In particular, you can indicate your preferences in terms of poses, accessories, etc.
  3. Put your first photos online, taking care to respect the site's rules (image size, number of photos per ad, rates, etc.).
  4. Respond quickly and politely to inquiries from buyers interested in your shots.

Taking quality photos

To attract buyers' attention, it's essential to offer quality photos. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your shots:

  • Take care with lighting: Good natural or artificial lighting will enhance your feet and make photos more attractive.
  • Vary angles and poses: Try out different positions to find the ones that best show off your assets.
  • Use accessories : Shoes, jewelry, nail polish... Don't hesitate to play with these elements to create original settings.
  • Take care of your feet: A neat, clean appearance will be a major asset in seducing foot lovers.

Setting a fair price for your photos

To sell your photos effectively, it's important to set a price that's in line with the market. Find out what the competition is charging, and adjust your offer according to the quality of your photos and your reputation on the chosen platform. Don't underestimate the value of your work, but also avoid overestimating your assets.

Manage transactions with professionalism

In order to build customer loyalty and a good reputation, it is essential to treat every transaction with seriousness and respect:

  • Communicate clearly: Be transparent about sales conditions, lead times and payment terms.
  • Respect deadlines: Send photos on time and inform your customers in the event of unforeseen delays.
  • Be courteous: Good interpersonal skills are the key to success in online business. Treat your customers with respect and politeness.

By following these tips, you'll put all the chances on your side to succeed in selling your feet on the Internet and thus benefit from an additional source of income.

Some examples of foot sales

Here are a few MYM pieds accounts, where you can subscribe monthly to access this style of content:

You can expect to earn up to €5,000/month selling photos of your feet. If you really want to take things to the next level, you'll have to reveal more of yourself. MYM and Onlyfans models can earn over €100,000 every month with naughty photos and a followed by an agency.


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